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Help & Info about GIMP for mac

  • What is GIMP for Mac?

    GIMP is short for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is a dedicated graphics editor application. It can be used to create a wide range of different types of graphics such as logos and layouts for websites as well as enhancing existing images such as photographs.
  • What Configuration is Required to Run GIMP for Mac?

    The programme supports systems compatible with KDE 3.2, GNome 2, Windows 2000 and Mac OS X. A minimum of 128MB RAM and 20GB of free disk space are required to successfully run the programme.
  • Can I Change the Font in GIMP for Mac?

    Users have the option to edit the font style by locating the style section of the programme and clicking on default. Both the style and size of the font can be changed as and when required by selecting the desired option in the font menu.
  • How Can I Draw a Circle Using GIMP for Mac?

    In order to use the programme to draw a circle, users should utilise Ellipse. Head to the Edit menu and choose Stroke Selection. After this is done, simply stroke the ellipse to gain the desired dimension of the circle.
  • Is Macro Recording Possible with GIMP for Mac?

    People who have utilised an authoring tool will be able to use it to record a macro Gimpscripter. Simply select Gimpscripter in filter and then Copy and Paste in the Edit menu. Type the name of the desired macro and restart the programme to begin recording.
  • How Do I Remove a Window Border in GIMP for Mac?

    Users who want to remove the window border from their image can do this very quickly and conveniently by using the dedicated crop tool. This crop tool will allow users to draw various types of shapes around the borders of any image that they have selected.
  • Can I Add New Plug-ins in GIMP for Mac?

    The programme has been designed to be flexible so that users can add their own plug-ins as well as plug-ins that are created by third parties. A special directory can be found in the programme for the addition and it is essential to locate the correct directory.
  • How Do I Save a Sub-Image to a File in GIMP for Mac?

    Sub-images can be saved by selecting Edit and then Paste As to open the New Image menu. Users can then save the new image and it will be present in the destination directory.
  • What is GIMP for Mac Script-FU?

    Script-FU is the programme’s dedicated scripting extension. It can be used to perform distinguished processes that communicate with the programme and can be found as a type of plug-in API that is facilitated by the programme’s Procedural Database feature.
  • Can I Use GIMP for Mac to Create an Outline Around Text?

    It is easy to use the programme to draw an outline around any desired text by placing the text in the desired position. Head to the Text Tool option window and choose Create Path From Text. Locate the Stroke Path menu item that can be found in the Edit menu and choose the desired options.


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